WiFi InRetail

Beating the online shops

The internet has revolutionised the retail industry with online reviews and discounts. Savvy shoppers search online for discount codes to help them get the best deal and use what they read online, such as reviews and blogs, to inform their purchases. Doesn’t it make sense to keep your customers connected?

What are shoppers using in-store WiFi for?

Avoid customers leaving your shop without making a purchase, offer great WiFi and send vouchers by SMS or email to entice them to do an impulse purchase.
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WiFi In HotelsAnd Holiday Parks


Connected with your guests from check-in to check-out

People want to be connected, particularly when they are away from home. Guest WiFi is now seen as an essential amenity for travellers looking to book accommodation - they want to keep up with work, stay in touch with loved ones and research the local area.
Let your guests do all of that with fast WiFi and brand their experience from start to finish. Boost your brand by customising your WiFi login page to make it unique to you, ensuring you are in your guests’ minds when they go online. Stay in touch with them after they’ve left with automated texts and emails which you can send based on our maps showing where your guests come from.
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WiFi In ArenasAnd Stadiums

Share the passion, share the fun, share your brand!

Whether it’s rugby, football or a music concert fans love to share their experience on social media. Use our text marketing feature to send out messages to people in your venue telling them about food and drink offers in the stadium/arena or let them know about upcoming events. Plus, with social login, you can have fans broadcast they are at your venue watching an amazing event. Fans will share their amazing experience while you increase your revenue potential and build your social media presence.
Take advantage of the fact that people crave to be connected all the time and share their experiences online. When they have access to internet they connect to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat and share pics and news of where they are. This not only put your venue on the map but also boost your sponsor's brand awareness through shared pics.

WiFi In Coffee ShopsCafes, Restaurants, Diners


Coffee, cake, WiFi

Cafes and coffee shops attract a variety of customers from students looking to study, people looking for a place to work or friends having a catch up. Uniquely branded login screens ensure you are in your customers’ mind when they go online and our social login feature can broadcast your brand to all of your customers online connections. Boost your brand, market more effectively and increase your revenue potential.
Boost your brand and keep your customers connected, plus reach out to them after they’ve gone with automated marketing messages to keep them coming back.
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WiFi In HospitalityBars, Pubs, Taverns

Increase your annual income by thousands

People want to be online to keep in touch with friends on social media, arrange plans and call taxis from where they are. Too often people need to leave the venue late at night to stand in the cold and rain - not spending time and money inside! - to get a signal.
Keep your customers connected and inside your venue. Plus, reach out to them after they've gone with automated texts and emails with promotions to entice them back.
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WiFi On PublicTransport


Get more data for your public transport planning

Whether a bus, train or tram it’s hard to ignore that WiFi has transformed the travel industry, allowing travellers to plan our journeys, check for travel updates and work remotely on the go.
Keep commuters connected while they wait in stations and airports as well as on the go so they can check their social media, plan journeys or do their work. Use automated marketing to let them know about travel updates or discounts on their next tickets, all through uniquely branded Guest WiFi.
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