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WPA3: The Next Generation in WiFi Security

The new year started off with a BANG! During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the latest enhancements and brand new features for WiFi Protected Access (WPA) were announced. Sounds nerdy, we know, but if you use WiFi in any way at all, it concerns you! But let’s take a step back, as this topic can be explained easier than it might sound at first.

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Safer Internet Day

The Internet is a great place, full of valuable information, shared experiences and cute animal videos

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Christmas Apps to Help You Relax and Enjoy the Holidays

We made it! Thanksgiving is over, we survived the Black Friday madness, Cyber Monday was meh and now we’re ready to focus on what’s really important: Christmas!

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Grow your business with 5 star reviews

It is a well-known fact that there are several ways to garner positive reviews for your business. 

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New Features Preview: Consolidated Invoicing & Payment Via BACS

Back in January of this year, we launched our integration with Stripe which allowed our customers that have a paid network to get a larger cut of the charge.

We also started using it for managing our subscriptions -  which worked great up until we started attracting larger customers who may not necessarily have a company debit or credit card. It quickly became very apparent that we needed another solution, both from within the company and direct feedback from our customers themselves.

This is something that we encourage and appreciate, as customer feedback helps both the customer and us to grow. 

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