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Facebook WiFi and your Business

Our mobiles have become so close to us that we now carry them wherever we go. We check mails on the bus stop, add favourite songs to a new playlist while we're in the queue and check Facebook at every chance we get.

Facebook Connects Everyone 

Even with all the recent privacy issues, Facebook continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms. Why? Because it's easy and enables us to connect with friends from all around the globe and share the latest cat videos with them - satisfying an ancient human urge. Jokes aside, the benefits Facebook brings are undeniable. Looking a few years back, it was unthinkable to stay in constant contact with friends from the other side of the globe and see what they were up to.

Now, Facebook prompts you when it's someone's birthday and even provides you with a handy birthday card template to send them a personalised greeting. Soon enough, we started using every little break to check what’s happening on Facebook, always fearing we might miss out on the next big deal, whatever that’s supposed to be.

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Rock Your Restaurant with WiFi and Instagram

Is it time to update your restaurant’s Instagram profile? Because if you don't have a picture of something with mashed avocado in it, it's already out of date.

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WiFi in Education

Since its invention, the internet has expanded into every part of our lives. This includes educational institutions like schools and universities. Students have come to rely on the vast amount of information they can gather online for research purposes. Thinking of my own education, especially at university, it is clear that the internet made things a lot easier.

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5 Tips for Setting Up WiFi for Your Restaurant or Pub

Are you thinking of opening a prohibition styled speakeasy serving custom crafted cocktails flavored with the latest Scottish gins? Or are you starting a pop-up cafe specialising in the latest trend: Bulgarian Tapas? What about bucking all the hype serving up good old fashioned diner grub? No matter what type of food or drink you plan to serve your customers, there’s going to be one thing that your customers demand as soon as they enter your place: WiFi. As a matter of fact, a recent survey showed that over 70% of customers felt that technology, like free WiFi, enhanced their restaurant experience.

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BLACKBX-ST, the world's first Smart WiFi Toilet

We live in hectic times. Rushing from one appointment to the next, we often forget to take time for ourselves. Remembering to send that vital document to your manager is often times considered more important than finding time for yourself, relaxing and reflecting. In order to give you the refuge  you deserve, we are proud to introduce a new product of the constantly growing BLACKBX family.

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Ubiquiti UniFi Integration with BLACKBX

It's been a couple of weeks now since the launch of our brand new Connect 3.0 dashboard and we hope that it's making your WiFi experience even more awesome than ever. Following on our post last week about our integration with Cisco Meraki, we wanted to share a quick integration video for those of your running a Ubiquiti UniFi setup.

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Why Offer WiFi as a Service?

When it comes to growing a tech business, recurring revenue is the key. Finding a profitable monthly service that you can resell to your customers can prove the difference between your incidental revenue and jumping from project to project. So what’s there left to offer your customers? Have you thought about WiFi?

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Cisco Meraki Integration with BLACKBX

One of the things that we pride ourselves here at BLACKBX is our simple integration with some of the world's leading WiFi solutions, like Cisco's Meraki WiFi access point. 

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