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WPA2 Breach - Is Your WiFi Safe?

A flaw in WPA2, the encryption protocol used by routers to secure networks, has been shown to have a massive flaw, leaving networks across the globe open to cyberattacks.

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‘Roam Like at Home’...Really?

“As of 15 June, Europeans will be able to travel in the EU without roaming charges. It means that when travelling in the EU, consumers will be able to call, send SMS or surf on their mobile at the same price they pay at home.” – The European Commission

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Join BLACKBX at Restaurant Tech Live 2017!

Restaurant Tech Live 2017 is one of the largest gatherings of restaurant and hospitality businesses owners and runners in the UK - and BLACKBX will be there!

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Getting Started with WiFi Data Capture in BLACKBX

Data is a good thing.

Here at BLACKBX we like data.

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New iOS11 WiFi Features: What to Look For

So the long wait is finally over, and Apple will be releasing iOS 11 to the public on September 19, 2017. Of course, there's been a Beta version out for a few months now for those who couldn't wait to get their hands on the latest Apple iOS, but tomorrow is the big day that the for real iOS makes its appearance.

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Running a Pub or Bar? Add Guest WiFi to the Menu

Pubs and bars are about connecting people to each other over a drink and food, but people are increasingly using the internet to connect with their loved ones. Smartphones basically live in our pockets, and people expect to be connected wherever they go.

In a recent survey, over 70% of people saying they expect access to WiFi in bars, and 36% said access to WiFi would make them return to a bar.

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Airbnb WiFi: Offering Your Guests Safe and Secure Wireless

If you're not offering WiFi for your Airbnb guests - you're already losing out. According to a recent survey in TripBarometer, nearly half of all travellers - 46% - considered in room WiFi a "must-have." So if you don't have WiFi in your property, your listing isn't even going to show up when Millennials and Digital Nomads click the "On site WiFi" box in Airbnb searches.

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WiFi Marketing: How to Connect with Your Customers

So you're ready to start WiFi marketing to your customers at your business using BLACKBX. Congratulations!

Give yourself a pat on the back.

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