Let Us Tell YouA Short Story

connects businesses to their customers.
Since 2015, we’ve offered a consistent, faster and safer WiFi experience to end users while delivering businesses customer insights, increased revenue potential and unmatched customer service.
Hundreds of businesses worldwide are benefiting from BLACKBX Guest WiFi, stretching from Europe, to the USA, South America and Asia, with over 1 million end users.



When Patrick had the idea to create BLACKBX, he didn’t stop and waste time, he went all Leeroy Jenkins as he grew up frustrated at the need to find and input endless passwords, fill in registration forms and deal with poor connectivity. Self-taught programmer, Patrick started the company from scratch.

The only things that make this sailor sick, are horrible WiFi and businesses losing money for not understanding their customers.



Management Accountant

Helen with her financial expertise and experience has supported acquiring funding to get BLACKBX off the ground and continue to grow and develop.

When not crunching numbers in the office Helen enjoys a life on the ocean waves as a blue water sailor. Her love of old property and boats feeds the desire to restore and build. Never far away from the next project.



Customer Success Coach

Our tech-savvy Customer Success Coach Douglas solves any issues and queries for our customers. As a key contact in our team, he provides the best experience building strong customer relationships.

When he is not being a dedicated support agent, Douglas is doing one of two things: planning his next night out OR enjoying his night out.



Software Developer

Jamie is our Backend Software Developer. Since joining, he has worked on refactoring the existing system so that we can offer a robust API. With a count of 20,001 Midi-clorian per cell, he makes the team understand the magic of coding, playing an essential role in the continued innovation of BLACKBX. It's like he already had gunpowder in the Classical Era.

He likes to play the drums and air codes in his free time.



Graphic Designer

Aga is our creative flair of visual execution. The creation of smart, beautiful branding to communicate to wide audiences. She has brought us her skills and expertise in design to help us develop our unique brand and share our message.

#GoT, vodka and gluten free pizza. Cosplayer in her free time. Like Arya, Aga can be different people and understand how people see and interact with her amazing designs.



Customer Success Coach

Our Support Agent Murdo forms the rest of our support team. Even though he is the youngest member he is one of the main points of contact for our customers and his enthusiasm and energy shows when he is there for our customers and the team.

Star dancer at BLACKBX, he is currently in training to beat Mike Tyson in Nintendo's Punch Out. Fidget spinner pro. Our very own Neil from the Inbetweeners. Everyday solving tickets just like he dances the Panamericano.



Head of Marketing

Eduardo leads our awesome marketing team. His responsibilities range from consolidating the brand, implementing marketing automation and increasing demand. Eduardo spends his time at work playing with spreadsheets and trying to come up with clever marketing ideas to increase leads.

He has been proclaimed world’s worst D&D player, and as a good Brazilian he enjoys playing football and "enjoying" the Scottish weather.



Head of Customer Success

James is here to make our customers more successful; managing support, looking after commercial relationships, driving innovation in the product’s use and most importantly, helping our end users realise value from their investment!

James is a fan of hoppy beer, science fiction and an amateur mountaineer, currently working towards his Mountain Leader qualification. Luckily, he has only killed CPR dummies so far.



Digital & Content Lead

Scott is an award winning filmmaker and all around digital guy, responsible for videos, social media and all things content related. He’s created videos and content for sites like Vanity Fair, The Atlantic and Timeline.

In 2015 he prepared a film screening about 'The Banana Flats' in Leith, for The Edinburgh Film Festival. Addicted to funny cat videos, presidential history and random foreign words, he has a blog about tacos and wears shorts during winter. Oh... he was once paid to curse on the BBC.



Marketing Coordinator

Laura has a general view of all marketing activities and helps the team accomplish all marketing objectives. She moved from Spain to study a master's degree in Marketing at Edinburgh Napier University.

She is now known as: Laura Pizzalover of the House of the Crazy Cat Ladies, First of Her Name, the Tequilaburnt, Queen of emails and merchandise, Khaleesi of the Great Marketing Automation, Breaker of Boring Bios, and Mother of Events.



Sales & Marketing Intern

Seb is our sales & marketing intern. A German studying in a Dutch University, and able to speak 6 languages, he is currently researching new markets for BLACKBX to start operating. Unfortunately, he will only stay with us until the beginning of 2018.

During his free time he's a photo model for startups.



We feel our values have helped us develop into the fast growing business we are today. As we continue to grow, it is important to us that we remain true to those values.



CustomeR focused





BLACKBX Ambitious



Courageous & Not afraid of failing


Friendly & empowered


Hard working & fun